Our Expertise

Who We Serve

Taking steps toward environmental sustainability can seem daunting, but our customers know that they’re not in it alone. Our team of energy experts works closely with developers to ensure that we purchase solar and wind projects that provide offtakers with consistent and sustainable renewable energy, allowing them to meet their environmental goals.

With backing from our parent company, AEP, AEP Renewables draws upon technical, engineering, operating and market expertise of our commercial affiliates, as well as the expertise of the AEP Service Corporation.

Our Process

  • AEP Renewables purchases utility-scale renewable wind or solar projects from certified project developers that meet our project requirements
  • The renewable facility creates clean, environmentally friendly renewable energy, ensuring that more sustainable energy is available for use worldwide
  • Our customers have peace of mind knowing that they’re doing their part to support renewable energy and decreasing their carbon footprint

AEP Renewables is committed to providing customers with high levels of service and a quality product. It is what has made our parent company, AEP, so successful over the years, and AEP Renewables was built upon that same foundation. We only purchase projects that meet our strict standards for supporting environmental sustainability.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to see how AEP Renewables can help your organization do its part in advancing renewable energy across the U.S.